September 26, 2023

Caravans are expensive to buy. It is always a good idea to purchase a second-hand one if you want to save some money.  Many people opt to buy a used model rather than go for a brand new model. If you have not yet done your research properly when you head out to purchase your used caravan, then you might end up paying for the repairs throughout the time you own it. So here are some tips that you can follow while buying a caravan. 

Where to Start

Points to consider before buying a caravan are which type of places you intend to visit. This plays a vital role in the purchase. You should also think through how long you plan on using the caravan, for a short trip or a long one because you need to be equipped depending on the duration. You should also keep in mind that if you are going off-road or planning to stick to just highways. You can answer all these questions by hiring a caravan and going on a short trip by yourself to get to know your needs. NZ caravans for sale are experts in helping you pick out a caravan that will suit your needs. 

Be Prepared For The Purchase

You should go to your caravan purchase with a clear idea of what all you require in your caravan starting with the size and the room for equipment. Take a tape measure with you to check the measurements of the caravan. For referral, purposes take photographs of the caravan. You should check out the hard-to-reach areas and also check the moisture level of the van using a damp meter. 

Essential Information You Require When Purchasing a Caravan

You should ask the seller the age of the van. Do not forget to ask where it was in the past and what the previous owners used it for. The looks alone can be deceiving. Ask the seller regarding any concerns you have and if the seller isn’t good with the answers then you should probably back out from the purchase. Ask for the current weighbridge documents along with other documents and ownership history. Always pre-check with state/government authorities on what type of legal documents are required to own a caravan. Make sure you know the weight and the weight it can tow. The size of the caravan is also an important feature. 

Main Things To Look Outside Of Caravan

Check for rust on the exteriors. Make sure you make note of the dents and scratches on the caravan. The condition of the tires also is a major part of the checklist. Make sure the window and doors open and close properly. 

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