September 30, 2023
Most of India’s half market is shifting to various SUVs, including smaller, mid-sized, and more significant ones. It is essential to look at some SUVs that have come out in the market, and you should buy them.

1. Hyundai Alcazar

Alcazar is Hyundai’s new product, constructed and designed as an SUV. It’s Hyundai’s latest SUV that has been launched on the market. It’s style is like Creta. Alcazar is a marvel of features, with an aesthetically pleasing body, the larger 2.0 petrol engine, and professional tools. Alcazar has devices like a surveillance system, two portable charging stations, air purifiers, and many other accessories. It’s spacious and luxurious, with prices ranging from Rs. 16.30 Lakh to Rs. 20 Lakh.

2. Mercedes-Benz GLA
Mercedes is available on the market with its new version, GLA. The most recent version has more functional features, including the upgraded chassis, which is slightly more rigid, about 30mm. The GLA is a unique SUV with distinctive exterior designs and an upgraded suspension. The presence of GLA on the market is a sign of more royalty and is a luxurious choice to take long drives. It has a powerful engine and diesel fuel type suitable for long-distance operation. In all, the cost for Mercedes-Benz GLA is Rs. 43.70 Lakh. This price is a good value considering the range of improvements GLA offers.

3. Volkswagen Taigun
The most popular term in the SUV market is Volkswagen Taigun, which emerged in the wake of its sister Skoda Kushaq. Skoda Kushaq has captured the market because of its products that are subsidiary to it. Similarly, the Volkswagen Taigun has premium quality because. It is an Indian-made product by Skoda Volkswagen Pvt Ltd in the UK. The test of Taigun was carried out in India. Taigun offers luxury, space, and design. It comes with 1.0 gasoline liter and 1.5-liter turbo-powered petrol engines, producing 150 bhp and 115 bhp together. Skoda attempted to put Taigun wata at a reasonable price of around Rs. 105 Lakhs to Rs. 18 Lakhs.

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