February 25, 2024

Myths are common misconceptions that most uninformed people tend to have regarding various things – one of them being the act of driving a vehicle or a car. These myths surface because people perform less research and apply common sense on their end, making the whole thing look obnoxious. 

Therefore are indeed so many misleading driving myths out there that people tend to believe in and therefore base their decisions as well. The following are some of the major ones that you should steer clear of when taking driving lessons in Coventry.

The Top Myths That Had Plagued People’s Minds For Quite Some Time

  1. Cars That Are Red In Colour Get Pulled Often For Speeding

When it comes to driving vehicles, this is one of the most persistent myths that most people tend to follow by heart. Even though there’s no actual data, there is however regarding white coloured cars – which was reported in the year 2014. It was known that white cars tend to be pulled more often than other car colours. But, the argument was flawed, in the sense that white colour is the most popular one when a person plans to buy a car. 

From that same reported, the myth was created that red cars get pulled more often – which is surely not true at all. Cops only notice reckless driving and speeding, not the colour of the car.

  1. The Examiners Taking Driving Tests Fail Certain Number Of People Intentionally

It has been a long-standing myth that driving test examiners fail you intentionally so that you come back for the test again and again – making you believe that you weren’t good enough. Such myths are truly dangerous and discourage new drivers outrightly. It begs one question though and that is – which organisation wants to work more for itself without any reason?

The truth is if you’re good enough and you pass all the tests in the right manner, you’ll be awarded the driving certificate nonetheless. 

  1. Traffic Police Have A Quota To Fill, So They Book People Intentionally

It might feel that way for you but ultimately, that’s not true at all. You should be asking yourself the question of whether you were doing everything right and not anything wrong. Most of the times the fines are attracted because people talk on mobile phones when driving, not using turning indicators, speeding endlessly, not having the required papers of license and vehicle registration and so on.

Therefore, if you want to be the ‘good guy’ while driving on the road, the first thing that should come to your mind is to abide by all the rules and regulations – and not abiding by some made-up myths. 

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