July 24, 2024

The¬†Toyota 4Runner, and the Toyota Landcruiser are the two bodies on the frame dinosaurs. They can handle the Sahara as well as the most difficult test: the Starbucks parking lot. We’ll compare the two vehicles and recommend¬†which vehicle to buy. Let’s get started.

Although they are both from Toyota, the Landcruiser and Toyota 4Runner are fundamentally different.

The main differences between Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Landcruiser

There are two main differences between Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Landcruiser:

  • The Toyota 4Runner is more like a Japanese Jeep, with no frills and able to get dirt at a moment‚Äôs notice. The Toyota Landcruiser, on the other hand, is more luxurious than a Range Rover. It has solid offroad skills, but is more about comfort.
  • The Toyota 4Runner is the more affordable of the two. It comes with a V6,¬†Four Wheel-Drive System¬†and a bulletproof 5-speed auto coupled to a bulky two-speed transfer box. The Toyota Landcruiser ships a 5.7-liter V8, 4WD and strong differentials front and back.
  • Toyota’s budget off roader, the Toyota 4Runner, is priced at $36,765, while The Toyota Landcruiser sells for $85,000 bone stock.
  • The Toyota 4Runner can seat 5 people, while the Toyota Landcruiser can hold 8; the more the merrier.

Toyota 4Runner


The Toyota 4Runner is the SUV that will outlast your family and be worth $3,000 long after it’s gone. The 4Runner is a reliable, solid SUV that can go over 200,000 miles without any problems.

Even the most robust truck can still have problems. The timing belt and water pump for older 4Runners equipped with the 3.4-liter V6 will need to be replaced every 100,000 miles. However, this is a common maintenance procedure for all cars. Many owners of 2003 4Runners have had to replace many suspension components due to “normal wear”. It all depends on how much wear and tear you experience offroad.

The 4Runner had a 4.7-liter V8 at one time. This has problems with the exhaust manifolds cracking and making a ticking noise. If you don’t replace them quickly, it can damage the catalytic converters. The manifold design places converters close to main collectors and adds weight to the manifolds. The metal will eventually crack from repeated heat cycles and need to be replaced. Although it may solve the problem, you can install a new manifold.

Head gasket leaks in the 4th generation V6 4Runners from 2003 to 2009 were also a problem, but this was with that generation only. The problem has not returned since that generation was retired. The 4th generation 4Runners have problems with some front brake calipers seizing.

This is not a common problem and can vary depending on your work schedule. This vehicle is meant to be off-road and dirty. Off-roading can be very hard on parts. Although the issue has not made a significant comeback, some 4Runners have reported warped brake pads in 2013-2017. It is not clear if this is a manufacturing defect, or simply a result of pounding off road.

These problems are mostly related to 4th-gen 4Runners. However, even these trucks are very reliable trucks if they are treated with respect. The Toyota 4Runner is a solid and reliable vehicle, regardless of model year.

Our complete guide to finding the best mods for your Toyota 4Runner.


The 4Runner is a large, heavy SUV with 5 doors. It is not a Supra although both are manufactured by the same company. The 4Runner will turn without any problems, but push hard and you’ll feel the tires crunch like a knife on a board. This is Orwellian cruelty. It is designed to be offroad and to tow trailers, but it will not race lap records.

The truck can brake when necessary. Driving on the highway is like driving a German Shepherd through a butchershop. It’s mostly straight, with lots of direction input. The 4Runner is as hungry as the dog. Highway mpg is only 22. This is quite good for such a large vehicle, but you will be paying more every week to fill up your tank after a long commute.


The 4Runner is designed to be a Japanese Jeep. The 4Runner can tow a solid 5kilo. Before you start to complain, it weighs in at 4600 pounds. 5000 pounds is impressive for a small V6 like this. You’ll regret it when you tow 5000lbs of anything with the 4Runner. It can do it, but it doesn‚Äôt like it.

The 4Runner has 5 seats for friends, and can carry your coolers. It is great for driving to the ski resort or to that secret trail spot.

You’d expect a large SUV to have good highway manners. It requires a lot of steering input and straight driving, but it can handle your daily commute without any problems. The Toyota 4Runner is a great vehicle for someone who doesn’t care about luxury, rarely tows, and still requires something large and rugged. It isn’t a Lexus, but it is amazing.


Toyota 4Runner: This is for someone who wants a Wrangler, but also wants Toyota style longevity and some cargo space.

The 4Runner is exactly what you see, which is refreshing. This truck is large and heavy with a body-on-frame frame. It has decent road manners, but it’s also willing to spend the day in a mud bog.

You have plenty of space for the child seats, the baseball equipment and the cooler with Caprisuns. The 4Runner is a reliable vehicle that can be used for everyday life. It’s ideal for those who enjoy rugged activities, but still need some civilized transportation.

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Toyota Landcruiser


The Landcruiser is a well-known car name. The Landcruiser is the perfect vehicle for those situations where the Range Rover can’t go and Jeeps struggle. It has the unstoppable Tyrannosaur power and the practicality of a hammer. Combine that with Toyota reliability and plenty of towing power, and you have a winning combination.

Landcruiser’s strength is reliability. There are a few problems that can be common: The load rating sticker can become difficult to read, the fuel pump may fail prematurely and the seat belt sensor wire could break. This will cause the front passenger airbag, knee and side airbags to stop working.

Power steering pumps that leak on Landcruisers with higher mileage can also cause problems. Transmissions sometimes behave strangely at high speeds and power windows may malfunction. These issues aren’t common to Landcruisers and aren’t something that happens constantly. They are just problems that can be found across many model years. It is still very popular and reliable.


You shouldn’t expect a Landcruiser to perform like a Ferrari. The Toyota Landcruiser is a 7-seat, 5700-pound truck that offers the strength of granite and excellent gas mileage. The Toyota Landcruiser was designed for comfort and safety on uneven terrain, not for maneuvering around corners like a Ducati.

You can brake as you would expect for a vehicle that is the same weight as London Bridge. It’s effective but slow and ponderous. The Landcruiser cruises at an easy 85 mph and, thanks to cruise control with radar detectors, it won’t require you to adjust your speed to keep in your lane.


The Landcruiser is essentially a Toyota Tundra with more seats and a covered bed. The Landcruiser’s towing capacity is 8100 pounds. This is enough to tow a decent-sized trailer. Thanks to the 5.7 Liter V8 under the hood you get plenty of power. Your wallet won’t be hurt. However, the fuel economy of the Landcruiser is only 13 mpg in cities and 17 mpg on the highway. This is not a major concern if you have the budget for it.

Safety is not an issue because the Landcruiser is only about the same size as an M1 Abrams. If you run into someone, it’s their problem, not mine. This car has 7 seats and enough space to hold a daycare. You’ll be able to carpool with it, no matter if you are going to school or the coast. This is a Japanese Chevy Suburban, and it will be a breeze to carpool with.

This is a rare vehicle in America, at least due to its low sales volume and price. It is great if you know what you want. You don’t need to know what you want, but you do have a preference for a different type SUV. A Landcruiser is the best choice.


Toyota Landcruiser: A Suburban for someone who is looking for something different.

The Landcruiser is a great alternative to the Suburban, if you’re willing to spend the money. However, if you want to have more space and a Toyota, then the Sequoia would be a better choice. It is smaller and cheaper. The Landcruiser is an expensive, large, luxury SUV that can climb over terrain that will stop Jeeps or Land Rovers. It will also last forever. The Toyota Landcruiser is the perfect SUV for you if this is your type of SUV.

Toyota 4Runner vs Toyota Landcruiser – Which Should I Buy?

The 4Runner is better if you don’t regularly haul more than 5 people and tow heavy trailers. It is almost $30,000 less than a basic Landcruiser and has the same reliability and toughness.

A Landcruiser isn’t something you buy to cross the desert. You’re not buying it for its price, but because it’s beautiful and expensive. The 4Runner is able to do 95% of what a Landcruiser can, gets better gas mileage, and is much more affordable. You can modify your 4Runner offroad and onroad with little effort.

A 4Runner is not the same as a Landcruiser, but it’s like comparing a Jeep and a Range Rover. They can both go off-road, but they are fundamentally distinct. The 4Runner was designed to crawl through rock gardens, then get sprayed with water and return to work the next morning. You can do the same with the Landcruiser, but it is not meant to cross Moab.

The Landcruiser is a large, luxurious SUV that offers unbreakability and granite-like durability. The 4Runner is the better option for 99 percent of the people who read this article.

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