February 25, 2024

It is not easy to get behind the wheel of a car. You can see small cracks and marks on your windshield. Glass is easily broken and can also break in extreme circumstances. Let’s focus on windshield cracks which can be a major concern.

The type of crack that results from a collision with the windshield is often determined by where the object hits. For example, a floater crack can start anywhere from the windshield’s edge. They can start small, then grow in all directions. An edge crack is a damage lasting ten to twelve inches that occurs during impact. These cracks can be found within 2 inches of the windshield edge.

Let’s take a look at some cracks:

Crack Like Half Moon.

Half-moon cracks look similar to bull’s eye cracks in appearance. Half-moon cracks are not spherical, unlike bull’s eyes. This type of damage was caused by a blunt object. It is much easier to repair the half-moon crack because it isn’t in a circular shape. It is easy to clean up and fix. Because cracks can be circular, it is more difficult to repair.

Star Break Crack.

The star break’s central point is surrounded by a series of small cracks that radiate from it, causing severe damage. This crack looks like a star, and it can be confused for another chip or crack, especially if you aren’t experienced in windscreen repair. Star cracks are usually caused by a small crack in the windshield of a car when it is hit with debris or other objects. It might eventually spread to all of the windshield glass.

Floating Cracked.

This crack is unique because it occurs at the windshield’s edges. You can see a floater crack in the windshield’s center or at least two inches from the edge. This type of damage usually covers the majority of cracked windshields and can be seen in different lengths. Floater cracks can spread quickly and require immediate attention. A specialist will first measure the crack’s size and depth before prescribing repair or replacement. If the crack is not within the driver’s sight, a competent technician can treat it efficiently.

Cracks Due To Stress.

This crack is an internal crack that you cannot feel with your fingers. To diagnose stress cracks, you will need a ballpoint pen. Fun fact: Stress cracks are caused by rapid temperature changes rather than impacts. For example, a vehicle that has been covered in snow should be washed with cold water. Hot water can cause a stress crack if it is spilled.

Combination Crack.

A combination crack is when the windshield of a car has both a bullseye and a star break. These shots are difficult to repair. A combination crack is a type of crack that can appear on your windshield. This can occur when rock chips are thrown at the car’s window. The windshield’s top and bottom are distinct. Combination cracks are when cracks appear on both sides. This type of crack has a lot of power. This type of crack should only be repaired by someone who is skilled in it. You risk worsening the situation if they don’t know how to do it properly.

You can purchase a repair kit if the damage is not severe enough. Spread the adhesive evenly on the crack or split and spread it evenly. The adhesive will hold the crack together and prevent it from spreading.

Nail Polish Can Be Used As A DIY Solution.

Transparent acrylic nail polish has been praised by only a handful of car owners. The crack should be cleaned of dust and dirt. A thick coat of nail polish should be applied to the crack and areas where it will split. This will keep the Glass together while you wait for a technician to arrive. For quick fixes, nail polish or Super Glue are great options. Otherwise, the damage can spread.


Even a small crack in the windshield can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s windshield. It is important to not ignore any cracks or damage. To prevent the crack or scar from growing bigger, take immediate action. If the attachment is small enough to preserve the windscreen’s durability, then go ahead. If the crack is larger than a certain size, it’s best to replace the front windshield as soon as you can.

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