June 24, 2024

The WAV vehicle market is very diverse, so there are a number of factors to consider when buying one. The list of considerations is endless. It includes everything from the seating configuration and vehicle size to the type of car and whether an electronic or manual ramp is used. Before you decide on any of these factors, you need first to determine if you want a new wheelchair-accessible vehicle or a nearly new one. Continue reading to learn more.

New WAV vehicles, as you may have guessed from the name, are just that: brand new. You will be the very first to use them. What is an almost-new WAV? A vehicle less than three years old is considered a nearly new WAV. You may know that the lease period for wheelchair-accessible vehicles varies between three and five years, depending on which type you choose. Almost new WAVS are usually vehicles that the owner returned before the lease period ended.

When choosing between new or nearly new WAVs, you should consider some important differences. You can upgrade your nearly-new vehicle after three years. The lease period of a new WAV, however, is five years. The mileage on almost all new cars is, therefore, lower. You will receive 60,000 miles in total, while a new vehicle comes with a mileage allowance of 100,000. This still works out to 20,000 miles per year for both options.

Keep in Mind that you might have to wait a little longer for a WAV as they need to be ordered. You can still get your WAV vehicle right away if you buy a nearly-new one, but you have fewer options.

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