July 24, 2024

These vehicles are ergonomically designed and made to meet the requirements of the users. These vehicles are equipped with adaptive technologies that provide the best solutions for disabled people.

The Automotive Group UK provides WAVs that have changed the lives of people with disabilities. They have helped them overcome some of the difficulties they face on a daily basis, as well as the problems caregivers encounter when helping to settle them in ordinary vehicles both before and during travel.

You may not have considered investing in a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible because you believe it will be more expensive. You may think driving a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is not as fun. There are many benefits to buying a car that is wheelchair accessible.

The benefits of purchasing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle

1. Wheelchair-accessible vehicles provide greater mobility for disabled people and their caregivers. A wheelchair-accessible vehicle can greatly improve your mobility, whether you use a manual or power wheelchair. This makes it easier to get to the doctor’s office or to go to the grocery store.

2. Less pain
With a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, transferring a person from their wheelchair to the vehicle’s seat is not necessary. This is important, particularly when the person with disabilities has an injury that causes them pain while making such movements. This vehicle prevents unnecessary pain on the shoulders of people with disabilities, especially when the wheelchair user is doing the transfer by themselves or behind the caregiver.

3. More freedom
You can enjoy more freedom with a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, especially if driving yourself. With a WAV, you can go anywhere at any time. You can do whatever you want. This also makes the caregivers’ job easier. With a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, you are able to go anywhere.

4. Save time
Wheelchair-accessible vehicles can save you a lot of time. It is easier and more efficient to lift the wheelchair user and then the car using a ramp or lift system than it is to lift both.


5. Versatility
The versatility of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is one of its major advantages. The car can be easily adapted to meet the needs of disabled people. The vehicle can be customized to meet your needs, whether you need to transport multiple wheelchairs or medical gear.


6. Safety
Wheelchair-accessible vehicles, apart from transfer options and wheelchair lifting options, are designed specifically for people with limited mobility. The modified cars are designed to ensure the safety of disabled people. The vehicles also have equipment of superior quality. Equipment reduces the risk of injury when getting in and out of the car, as well as during travel. It is safe and easy to transfer the wheelchair in the car. Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are equipped with in-floor ramps and wheelchair ties, as well as other restraints. This ensures the safety of disabled people and their families while traveling.


7. Accessibility
The vehicles are equipped with many adaptive features, such as in-floor ramps and automated ramp systems. These make the operation of these vehicles simple and convenient. It is easy to get used to these vehicles, and it prevents injuries if the equipment is not used correctly. The main benefits of wheelchair-accessible vehicles are their ease of use and practicality. They make getting from A to B a smooth and enjoyable process.


8. Possible financing
There are government and other financing programs that can make wheelchair-accessible vehicles more affordable. These programs are designed specifically for people who have certain disorders or situations. Dealers will offer you a much lower rental rate if you are unable to get financial aid when purchasing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. You can, therefore, rent a wheelchair-accessible car whenever you need one.


9. Variety
There are many different models, styles, and makes. Previously, only public transport or conversion vans were available to disabled people. Technology has now changed that, and disabled people can use trucks, minivans, and sports vehicles. These vehicles were built specifically for disabled people. These vehicles are equipped with innovative designs and advanced mobility equipment that is suitable for disabled people.


10. Built-in controls
Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are equipped with controls that allow disabled drivers to operate them safely. Gas and brake controls are located on the steering wheel. These WAVs enable people who are unable to use their legs or have no legs at all to drive and still get where they need to. Some wheelchair-accessible vehicles do not have a driver’s seat. In these vehicles, the wheelchair becomes the driver’s chair. Some wheelchair-accessible cars are equipped with safety clamps and tie-downs to ensure the wheelchair’s stability while driving.

Here are the main benefits of purchasing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. They do have different features to consider when buying your WAV.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

Many wheelchair-accessible vehicles are equipped with lifts, particularly the larger ones. The lift is helpful when entering the car. A WAV with a lift will usually cost more than one with a ramp. Lifts are required to be serviced annually on most WAVs. This service is typically covered by insurance.


The most common way to access a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is by using a ramp. It is typically operated manually by unfolding the ramp from the back of the car. Some WAVs have automatic ramps that unfold and fold when a button on the vehicle is pressed. Cars with automatic ramps can be expensive. The length and angle are important because not all WAVs have ramps that are the same size. Some ramps make it difficult to push the wheelchair. Manual ramps can be spring-loaded. They are simple to lift and lower.

Lower floor
When buying a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible, this is an important factor to consider. The floor of most WAVs is lowered. The car will have more headroom, which is better for the wheelchair user. The ramp may be shorter or the angle less steep if the floor has been lowered.

Restraint belts
WAVS wheelchairs come with restraint straps that attach to both the front and rear of the wheelchair. The restraint belts secure the wheelchair and reduce movement while traveling. Attaching the restraints to the wheelchair can be done easily. They are usually self-locking, adjustable, and easy to adjust. The seatbelt can be adjusted and is also self-locking. Different WAVs have different mechanisms to attach the restraints. Some are more user-friendly than others. Consider the wheelchair-accessible vehicle’s mechanism before purchasing.


It is an important feature for wheelchair-accessible vehicles. The WAV should have enough space to accommodate the wheelchair user and their travel aids, such as shopping and mobility aids.



Tips on buying wheelchair-accessible vehicles

You can find a wide range of wheelchair-accessible cars at Automotive Group UK. You may feel overwhelmed when you are making a purchase decision.


Consider the following when choosing the right WAV for yourself or a loved one:


The severity of mobility issues
You can use different types of saloons or SUVs for disabled people who are unable to move without their chairs. These vehicles have a space that is accessible and comfortable for these drivers.


Convenience, practicality and
You may not find minivans or conversion vans appealing visually, but you will appreciate their convenience and practicality. If convenience and practicality are important to you, then consider WAVs.


Your specific requirements
When buying a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible, it’s important to think about your current and future needs. Some drivers have multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy. As these conditions progress, their strength and agility will diminish. You might be able to get into a car today, but in ten years, will you still have the same mobility? Consider your current and future needs when choosing the best WAV.



In general, many factors come into play when purchasing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. You must consider them all to make the best choice. You get professional advice and a home demonstration when you are buying your WAV from Automotive Group UK. You can invest in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle that is tailored to your needs.

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