December 3, 2023
China’s automaker, Great Wall Motors (GWM), made its India launch on the opening day of Auto Expo – The Motor Show in 2020, on Wednesday and has pledged that it will invest $1 billion into the nation. The company was able to establish the first Research and Development (R&D) center in India in 2016. Hardeep Singh Brar, director of sales and marketing, told Entrepreneur India in an interview.

The GWM pavilion displayed eight models of GWM’s Haval as well as GWM’s EV brands. However, two concept cars, Vision 2025 and Concept H –as well as the small electric vehicle (EV) R1, were showcased at the press conference at the Expo.

Its R1 is being promoted as the cheapest electric car (EV) around the globe that is sold exclusively in China. In terms of price, R1 is cheaper than Mahindra’s least expensive electric vehicle (EV) in India, eKUV, which costs INR 8.25 lakh. Its eKUV was also showcased at the Auto Expo on Wednesday. Auto Expo on Wednesday.

Two Haval concept cars, Vision 2025 is a fully electric SUV. Concept H is a plug-in hybrid SUV. The launch date for both vehicles hasn’t been announced. However, GWM’s first SUV is scheduled to enter the Indian market in 2021.

It is in line with the Indian government’s goals of vehicle electric vehicles; GWM is also planning to introduce a brand new energy in India known as Great Wall EV. “On January 17, 2020, GWM and General Motors signed an agreement to acquire General Motors India’s Talegaon factory. GWM will realize the production of EV and SUV models under Great Wall at this plant,” the press release said.

When asked what the reason GWM has stepped into India at a time when the auto sector in India is under pressure, Brar told Entrepreneur India that the SUV industry has been left unaffected. GWM’s business is unlikely to be impacted. “GWM is an SUV manufacturer and we are bullish on the sector’s growth in the country,” Brar told the publication.

On the occasion, Brar said that India is becoming a preferred location for investment by the majority of automobile companies. “India has become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, and the auto market is promising,” Brar stated in an announcement.

With 14 manufacturing facilities across the globe, GWM claims to be China’s biggest sports utility vehicles (SUV) maker. The company hopes to bring that same growth into its Indian market. The company plans to invest an estimated amount worth $1 billion (approximately INR 7,000 crore) in India in manufacturing facilities as well as research and development for vehicles and the production of power batteries, electric drives, and the manufacturing of vehicle components.

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