September 26, 2023

When teenagers tend to pass their driving school test, the first thing they plan on doing would be to purchase a car of their own. Most of the time teenagers are provided with the family’s old car as a way to keep the overall costs down. While the idea may be excellent, it still has its fair share of flaws. It should be realized that teenage boys are more concerned about how their car looks along with engine size & horsepower – much more than caring about fuel efficiency or mileage. 

As a result, an old car starts to give them problems from the get-go. Times like these are when buying a new car with new parts & technology seems to be the wisest decision – especially when it comes to road safety. To support the above-mentioned idea, we are going to share some significant reasons why young drivers should be avoiding old cars – created in collaboration with Nissan wreckers in Sydney

The Reasons Why Young Drivers Should Not Be Driving Old Cars

  • Mechanical Issues 

It should be perceived that if a car is old, then the problems that it may experience will also be bigger. Old vehicles tend to have worn out suspension and brakes, making them much more susception to clutch & transmission problems. 

One of the other issues that plague older cars is the formation of rust on their components – which most young drivers overlook. Such problems will lead to compromised car safety, which is definitely not commendable in the long-term. 

  • No Built-In Safety Features

Young drivers should realise that old cars don’t have safety features such as ABS (Anti Braking System) or airbags built-in. The omission of such features makes the car driving experience a lot riskier since young drivers have just started their driving career, and they have a long way to go before they gain substantial experience.

But, if young drivers plan to purchase newer cars – they will not only obtain the standard safety features in the car market but will also feel safer when driving their vehicles. There will be minimal signs of worry. 

  • Long Term Implications

Even though a young driver might have saved some money by reusing an old car – more amount of monetary compensation will go towards the insurance of the vehicle. Not only that – young buyers will also need to spend more on the car’s overall maintenance costs since older cars tend to get kaput quickly and often too as well. 

Therefore, the money that you thought you’re saving by going ahead with an older car will be lost when trying to upkeep your current old one. This is why purchasing a new car makes a whole lot of sense. 

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