September 26, 2023

Most people are familiar with fuel (petrol/diesel), and coolant as car fluids. There are six to seven types of fluids in your car. We need to be familiar with all of them as they play a crucial role in maintaining a smooth running car.

Engine Oil

By lubricating the moving parts, engine oil reduces friction. It also helps to clean the engine and remove sludge. There are many types of engine oils on the market, including synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral. It is important to choose the right engine oil. A good engine oil will give your car smooth running, high efficiency, and low emissions.


Coolant is something most of us have at least heard of. Coolant is what keeps the engine cool. Coolant is easily found as it is usually kept in a large plastic reservoir. It is important to ensure that the fluid level is at the correct level or the car may heat up more frequently. Without coolant, the engine can be stopped and gaskets removed.

Transmission Oil

Although transmission oil isn’t as popular as coolant, it is still an important fluid for your car. It is responsible for ensuring that the gearbox runs smoothly. It is used between the gears to keep friction at a minimum. The oil also keeps your gearbox free of sludge. The gearbox oil can be used for manual or automatic transmissions. In automatic transmissions, the oil does additional functions such as operating clutches and shifting gears. Transmission oil must be changed less often than engine oil. You can consult your owner’s manual for the exact interval, as it varies from one car to the next.

Brake Oil

Brake oil, as the name implies, is used in the brake system. It is used in hydraulic brakes and hydraulic clutch applications on cars. Brake oil is used for converting force into pressure and amplifying braking force. Because liquids are not very compressible, and because the components of the molecules are not packed together well in their natural state, bulk forces can be transferred to compress the fluid’s chemical bondings. The medium of transfer is brake fluid. If your brake fluid level is not optimal, it can decrease the braking power of your vehicle.

Wiper Fluid

This isn’t a chemical fluid. Wiper fluid is just distill water with the recommended cleaning shampoo. You can make it at home, but make sure to ask your dealer.

Power Steering Oil

Hydraulic power steering is powered by oil, not electric. This hydraulic system’s most critical component is the steering oil. It runs under pressure and directs your wheels to your specifications. It also lubricates moving gears in a steering system.

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